fingers explode on typewriter ribbon.

Friday, May 8


Sunday, February 22
There is little more I love besides rummaging through old clothes - the older they are, the better. So when my mother pulled out bags full of clothes her wardrobe could no longer contain, I braved dust mites and other allergens, and I wasn't disappointed.

One of my favourites is this trippy Balinese housedress I discovered amongst lace blousons and high-waisted tailored pants (ala Julia Roberts circa 1980) which I intend to reconstruct into paperbag shorts. As if the aquarian tie dye of blues, yellows and greens weren't enough, it also has large purple fishes splattered all across - seriously, it's so bad, it's good. I think my mother wore it carrying about her chores around the house. It even has frays around the edges to prove for it.

Saturday, January 3

Nous avons célébré l'anniversaire de Diana...

et nous nous avons feints étions des vampires

Une soirée tranquille dans un petit café

Scrabble Junior

une lettre à George Bernard Shaw de Virginia Woolf

une fleur dans mon thé!

et biscuits animaux qui étaient trop mignons pour manger

Noël: à l'église pour la masse à minuit
et dîner à chez moi avec ma famille

Notre glace favori!
et un petit arbre de Noël sur mon gâteau :)

Friday, January 2

she thought it would be fun to try photography
she thought it would be fun to try pornography
she thought it would be fun to try most anything
she was tired of sleeping

Belle & Sebastian - Beautiful

Saturday, November 15


That Bangkok midnight, after our second afternoon in the markets and then a steamboat dinner before venturing on a night out on the streets, how exhausted we were but decided to make a night cap out of an impromptu parade of sorts which saw us piling on newly acquired apparel strewn all over the hotel room in the most careless fashion within the allocated 3 minutes in between takes? Oh wouldn't it have been perfect if Eileen and Si were awake to participate in our moment of folly. By 3am we had buried the bedroom fixtures with bags of clothes and had collapsed in a heap, probably with gold and silver foiled headbands still strapped onto our foreheads.

I hope the exams are treating you well.


Saturday, November 8

Les Lettres

A Letter always feels to me like immortality
because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend.

- Emily Dickinson

Sunday, October 26


It is possible that there is currently no cuter caricature on American tv than Brad G.

Friday, October 24

It dawned on me that a fair amount of the things I do, I do to keep myself suspended on a thin thread, to keep from falling and from disappearing beneath the skin.

As we grow older, we become reliant on the dependability of routine and the comfort in the knowledge that we can return to some things, places, people, in a reality as fluid as ours.

Like a warm cup of tea before bedtime,
a cigarette for the walk home,
the smell that lingers in the bedsheets at home,
the familiar tugging of heartstrings each time that scene plays
or that specific verse sang in low baritones.
It is ordering the same meal in the same restaurants;
even though you promised yourself at the last visit to try something new,
or simply the sound of your best friend's voice after a trying day.

Loss remains my greatest fear. Even after the temperature of the relationship has gone cold, the task of taking an eraser to memory and a swift detaching of emotion is not for me something one can just decide to do.

Because ultimately, starting fresh means something else is ending stale.

Wednesday, October 22

Saturday, October 4
Les Chansons d'amour

Not blown over by it immediately, the film has grown on me considerably a dinner and journey home later - some films/things have such an unsuspecting way of sneaking up on you like that.

Because sometimes, all it takes is a single defining moment to capture your heart completely...

"Aime moi moins, mais aime moi long temps."

Saturday, September 27
Les Bicyclettes